Design for 10,000 years from now

The design phase  took far longer than the making. I started thinking of a whole outfit. What would it make it unique? I didn’t want to have to sew even for the fashion rotation. I wanted it original.  I lost focus of what the body adornment was for and how it would fit the world I had created.

Then I thought about what made my world unique. The fact that we had survived and now lived in a smaller community was not unheard of. What was ? Our thoughts could be heard and our voices defined the clan we belonged to. This in essence could be a potential threat given the scarcity of resources. Therefore we needed to protect our thoughts and disguise our voices. The design became a head adornment.

Still no fabric But paper, tissue paper, wire, plastic bands, curtain hooks, buttons and wool.  This is the outcome.

images    images-10

Making a type of chain

photo 4   image

Making a flower out of buttons

photo 1

Flowers out of tissue paper

photo 3_2

Hair band/ protection/aura

It can be futuristic, functional and pretty or so I decided. However, it had to be more of a statement. Bulkier and bolder.

photo 1_2 photo 2

like a helmet

photo 3

and a voice changer

photo 3


Although Fashion and Textiles will not be my pathway, I am very pleased with the way I conducted the project. I struggled a lot but by pushing myself to explore different avenues. I came up with an outcome that was very far off the original plan of a sci fi garment. There are sci fi elements in it – the high tech hairband and mouthguard but i also focused on colour as a contrast to the black and white world that I created. It might be a bit too much on the pretty side…

Having missed the 3D workshop induction, it was impossible for me to experiment with plastic moulding…Given more time, I would have liked to use different materials and have a go at sewing.  My knowledge and experience in textile is nonexistent almost.

Still, starting with a moodboard was a new way of working that I will definitely use again.


Futurism looks amazing

I have discovered Gareth Pugh and am taken by all his collection. This English man, who moved to Paris (I have done the opposite!), makes dark futurism look amazing and this is what attracted me to his distinctive aesthetics. But all his other collections are a spectacle and ooze drama in their own right, They are all truly edgy!

Unknown Unknown-1 images-5 images-28 gareth-pugh4 15

“It’s that idea that if you’re pleasing everyone, you’re doing something wrong! Sometimes you’re trapped in the expectations of what other people think of you.” Well, there is no risk of that Mr Pugh!

images-6     images-2


If we want to see his avant-garde designs in the flesh, well we can go to Selfridges or Liberty where they are sold.  I know I will.

Fashion design rotation

photo 1

Initial sketches after the creation of moodboards.

Searching for the best adornment – for body or face?

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


Moodboards are photomontages and watercolour washes.

Environment : Nuclear disaster

photo 2

The swirls evoke a disaster that is irreversible.  The world as we knew is gone.


photo 1


Our dwellings are as bleak as our surrounding. We live in bunkers type accommodation. The tall buildings are derelict. The hierarchy is clearly determined and headed by a higher authority that will make sure we can not repeat the errors of the past.

There is a world beyond – prettier and full of hope of a better future.  We need to ear the reward.


photo 3


We will all look different but with one thing in common: bigger heads. We live in clans and our thoughts are no longer our own. The tone of our voices indicate which clan we belong to.

Our days are spent living in a community and contributing to the renewal of resources in very short supply.  Those who refuse to contribute are sent away (nobody has found out where but they have never come back)

We eat a pill a day and are allowed a proper meal on our birthday.

We are an atheist society and are meant to share the same belief: the good for all. Because of the lack of water, that has been contaminated by the nuclear leaks, there is a rivalry between clans. There is a risk of civil war at any time.