Final Project: What else is out there?

I stopped looking at books a little while ago in order not to be influenced by other artists’ styles. Also I had failed to find picture books that told the same story from two points of view…this was until a few friends mentioned some books they had come across. So against my better judgement I decided to have a look. Everything has been done before but it always comes down to how.


The first book tells two different stories during the day and at night. Toddlers are the target audience. The colours are vivid, the illustrations appealing to a young child who will have great fun at discovering the world around him.

The resolutions, is, however, somewhat disappointing. There was no effort to make it easily readable from both sides: You have to flip the book over to read the text.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

The second book is Tunnel and Le Tunnel by Brian Wildsmith.

UnknownThe tunnel tells the story from Marcus’ point of view and Le Tunnel from Pierre’s in french bien sur! Both moles want to meet up and dig a tunnel under the channel. The book is innovative and packed with paper engineering. The hole gets bigger as they dig. There are wheels you can turn to see what the moles can see until Pierre sees Marcus and vice versa.

Original but the artwork looks busy and cluttered and the layout remains the same throughout . The image at the top with the chunky text sitting below

Wildsmith is a talented artist but this is not my favourite book. I love the concept though.

The last book I came across is probably the most different one. It reads from both sides and also converges in the middle  However the english side reads from left to right and the japanese one from right to left. I knew Eric Carle and admire his colourful tissue paper collage and this book does not disappoint.I particularly enjoyed the resolution with the paper unfolding in the middle spread. I initially thought of doing this for Max and Misty but I had the problem that the text would have been upside down and I really didn’t want the hassle of having to twist the book around to read the ending. Here, in where are you going, because english and japanese read differently on the page, the problem is solved. I loved this book.

photo 1photo 2photo 4
photo 3


Three books with the same concept. Three different resolutions. Mine is also different. I introduced paper engineering in the form of a pop up. It hasn’t been plain sailing and at times, I wished I hadn’t thought of that.  My pop up is far from perfect but it works. I am proud to have achieved this without prior knowledge. The workshop I attended earlier with Andy Singleton and Richard Sweeney gave me the confidence to attempt something new. I am glad I did. I also made the decision to have swirly text to emulate dynamism and happiness.  One has still have to twist the book round but it is fun. (I hope!)

photo 2


One Comment on “Final Project: What else is out there?”

  1. Lucy says:

    Well done, was wondering how it was going, so glad you kept the pop up in!

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