Visualising the exhibition space


exhibtion space



Until now, I had always thought I would display my final outcome, a fully written and illustrated picture book and a poster of some of the final artwork. But as the project evolved, I have been thinking of books as an art form too. I guess being a Fine Art student, it was inevitable that my research would lead me in this direction. Also with my own work, I always think that books should live elsewhere than on the shelves too. I know for most of us, they resonate long after we read them. But for children, who allegedly have a smaller attention span, I think it is essential that they are reminded of their favourite story visually thanks to a painting or a sculpture.

This is how I came to the idea of developing a second book that would be more sculptural with no word. I would pick some elements of the various scenes of the first completed book and let the viewer decide on what the story might be. I elected to create a tunnel book which enabled me to have three scenes starting with my two characters being miserable and alone. the second layer gives clues as to what may have happened and the last one they meet up again. No names, No words. Just buildings and trees rising along the sides and above framing the story.

My third idea was triggered by my love for books and looking at the amazing work done by book artists. I decided to have a box carved into a book full of my two characters secrets. No names. No words. No stories but the premise of one. It is up to the viewer to decide.

In essence, all three books are sculptural. As we speak, I am in the process of making a pop up scene that will bring the story to its resolution. Therefore even the 2D platform has turned into a 3D one. I do not like boundaries and being contained in boxes: painter vs sculptor – fine artists vs illustrators – writers vs storytellers.  In this day and age, pluralism has begun to become the norm. The more we think outside the box, the more interesting we become.

I am planning to display the three items on a shelf and have an A1 poster above giving the opening line of my story and two main scenes. I am not sure what space I have been allocated, but I hope that my display will be colourful enough to be inviting and intriguing.

When I come to installing my work, I might change the order of the books or even have more than one shelf to display each item separately.  It will very much depend where it sits in the room and what is on either side of my work too.  I will find out nearer the time.


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